7 Golf Photos You Should Put in Your Home

Golf photography is unlike any other sport. There are so many facets to it – the style, emotion, scenery – it’s fascinating, yet overwhelming. A golf photo has versatility. For instance, there are golf photos appropriate for the guest room bathroom, then there are photos for the living room and if daring enough, the dining room. Regardless of style or taste, each photo has a place in a golfer’s home. This post shares 7 golf photos and where they could go in your house.

Bobby Jones, 18th hole at St. Andrews: “Carried Like a King”

In 1930, the year Bobby Jones won the Grand Slam, the British Amateur was held at St. Andrews. Below is a picture of Bobby Jone being hoisted by the crowd as he holds up his famous putter, Calamity Jane. Bobby became such a crowd and city favorite, in 1958, he was awarded with the Freedom of St. Andrews. The only other American bestowed with such honor was Benjamin Franklin. Watch his acceptance speech here.

Place in the house for “Carried Like a King:” – The Smoking Room.

Augusta National Golf Club Clubhouse

This is one of my favorite photos of the Augusta National Golf Club clubhouse. It shows how perfect the grounds are kept, yet still conveys the memberships’ appreciation for keeping the natural landscape prominent (see: “the Big Oak Tree” pictured in the far left). Both trees provide context to the understatement and humility of ANGC’s clubhouse compared to nature — exactly how Bobby Jones would have wanted and classic Augusta National Golf Club. I don’t think Augusta would have it any other way. Photo taken by Rob Matre.

Place in the house for Augusta National Golf Club clubhouse – The Reading Room.

Jack and Arnold “Paying Up”

From the looks of the photo it’s tough to tell who’s paying who, but in reality, Jack is paying Arnie a 50 spot. Regardless The brilliance behind this photograph is it’s timing. In an Instagrammed world, I think we can all appreciate how special this moment is for any golfer that’s won or lost a bet.

Place to put Jack and Arnie “Paying Up” – The Game Room.

The Three Stooges Take on Golf

Moe, Larry, and Curely, sure knew how to enjoy themselves on the golf course. The trio pushed slapstick comedy to an entirely new level and with golf in its Golden Age during their height of popularity, it’s no wonder they implemented the game into their skits. The image below is fantastic. They have confidence, bravado, and conviction…for absolutely no reason. And that’s what made them great. Dressed in ridiculous clothes, you’d never know it from the looks of their face.

Place to put The Three Stooges – The Game Room bathroom.

The 7th Hole at Pebble Beach

Few courses have such picturesque views like Pebble Beach. Rob Matre captures the 7th hole at Pebble brilliantly. Have you figured out why yet? The shot is from green to tee of the 8th hole, and the flagstick pictured is of the 7th green. This photo captures the dangers of the 8th hole not visible to a golfer on the tee giving every viewer the feeling that each golfer gets when they reach the green on the 8th, which is, “I just played that hole!”

Place to put the 7th Hole at Pebble – The Living Room of the Vacation House

Ben Hogan 1-iron at 1950 U.S. Open at Merion

The story of all stories, Ben Hogan’s comeback win of 1950 U.S. Open after a car wreck that nearly took his life the year prior. A man of shear determination, this photo will inspire and focus you every time you give it a glance. The photo of Ben Hogan’s 1-iron at Merion Golf Club deserves to be in the golf gallery of every true golfer.

Place to put the Ben Hogan’s 1-iron at Merion Golf Club – The Office

The Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St Andrews (R&A) clubhouse

Another Robert Matre classic, this one is of the St. Andrews clubhouse. It’s simple, clear, and representative of the St. Andrews’ atmospherics. The layered clouds juxtaposed against the mighty and historic clubhouse make me want to travel to Scotland, grab the nearest set of clubs, hoof it around one of the greats, and end the day with 5-7 pints at the city’s best pub.

Place to put the Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St Andrews (R&A) – The Bar

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