McIlroy’s 436 yard monstrous swing

They say golf swing power is the result of three specific factors. The first 2 are more important than the third. Those three factors are: swing mechanics, golf strength (your fitness), and golf equipment. Here is the best example video we could get – Rory McIlroy getting all the 3 right. Watch this monstrous drive carrying the ball to 436 yards. It nearly missed Ian Poulter who was in the group putting on the green at the time.

McIlroy apologised to Poulter for nearly hitting them once he reached the green, and cheekily told him: ‘I only hit a three-wood’.

Charl Schwartzel shot off the road – Shot of the year?

Watch this amazing shot off the road from Charl Schwartzel (click here), the 29-year-old former Masters champion, at the par-4 16th hole at the 2014 Volvo Golf Champions, Durban Country Club in South Africa. With approximately 150 yards to a hole with no clear path, it was a bold move by Schwartzel  to draw off the concrete rather than playing it safe. The blind shot flew over the trees nearly went right into the cup making it one of the best recovery shot we have ever seen.

Great Swings: Nick Faldo

The winnerof six majors and ranked Number 1 in the world for 98 weeks, Sir Nick Faldo was once considered the best the world. In particular, his swing was admired for its consistency under pressure and his ability to deliver “precision strikes”.

How did he get such a precision swing? It was actually built by David Ledbetter over a period of several years, by dissecting each part and then building it up again. Once the pieces were set, they were put together in a full rhythm once again.



When Faldo discusses the keys to his swing, like Hogan he focuses on his right knee – however unlike Hogan he keeps the knee back for a split second before bringing it through the swing. That difference may be more style than substance. As described in Concept Golf, one of our favorite explanations of the golf swing, weight transfer and the lower body (in particular the right knee) will always play a key role in a good golf swing.

Great Swings: Angela Park

Angela Park is not a household name, but she has a beautiful swing.

Hailing from Brazil, Angela Park is in her fourth year on the LPGA tour. Has she ever won a tournament? Nope. Is she a household name? Nope. But does she have a beautiful swing? Yes indeed..

Spend a few minutes watching the video below, and you can’t help but be infected by the simplicity, the great rhythm and the superb form.

Now go out on the range and hit some balls. And be amazed and what a little tempo and relaxed form will do for you.


Great Swings: Sam Snead

When Gary Player says it’s the greatest swing of all time and when Lee Trevino says that’s the swing he would teach to his children, then that’s a swing to pay attention. We’re talking about Slammin’ Sammy, holder of the record for most wins on the PGA tour at 82 (or 83 as some proponents would contend).

Sam was always focused on Rhythm. He learned to play barefoot, which is perhaps his secret. There are many beautiful swing montages of Sam’s swing. Just watching them is enough to improve your game.



Sam Snead is perhaps best described by Jim Mclean, himself one of the best teachers in the game:

Some have said he was the greatest athlete ever to pick up a golf club. Some say he was the greatest player of all time. Some refer to his 81 victories on the PGA Tour, the most ever. Some say his shooting under his age in a PGA Tour event was the most amazing fact (a 66 at age 67). Some might argue it was that he shot 60 at age 71 on the challenging, par-72 Upper Cascades course. It’s hard to hang one tag on Sam Snead, but if I had to, I believe it would be “He had the sweetest swing in the history of the game”.