Your Longest Iron Ever (sort of)

If you are looking for a perfect golfing holiday, Finland must be the right place for you. Summer in Finland is the best time to play golf – literally, you can play golf the complete day. That’s because every summer Northern Finland becomes the land of the “Midnight Sun” – with non-stop sunshine for 24 hrs a day.

The Green Zone or Tornio Golf Club located in Tornio, near the artic circle and on the Swedish border, is a unique golf course in what is already an unusual environment. The club has 9 holes in Finland and the remaining 9 in Sweden (out of which 4 crosses the International border). The golf course not just combines two countries but also two different time zones with a difference of one hour. This technically means your ball remains on air for 1 hour before it actually lands on the green!

The Green Zone is one of around 100 Golf Courses in the country. And these courses are unlike those outside Scandinavia, Continue reading “Your Longest Iron Ever (sort of)”