WANTED: Golf Criminal

SCENE OF THE CRIME: UNC Finley Golf Course driving range, Chapel Hill, NC.

Divots on the golf Range

EVIDENCE: Photo of the aftermath taken by MyScorecard blog writer. (See photo at right)

CHARGE: Desecrating golf grounds with inexplicably grotesque divot pattern.

WEAPON: Not yet discovered. Search is on for a very muddy 5-iron or a trench shovel.

NOTES: The location of the tee marker relative to the divot pattern, the rightward slanting direction of each individual divot, and the unnatural depth of each divot suggest that perpetrator is a left-handed golfer with a violent over-the-top move. Residents in homes on left side of driving range have been evacuated in case perp returns to hit more balls.

Divot pattern somewhat resembles middle finger being given to greenskeeper. Greenskeeper has been relocated for his own safety.

WARNING: This photo is for investigative purposes only. If you stare too long, you won’t be able to help imagine the golf swing that created this mess, and you will feel your handicap increasing as you do. Glance if you must, but avert your eyes quickly as if you were looking at the sun.

Help us Find a Name: Finalists

We’ve definitely appreciated your suggestions for our blog name – there were many good and creative ones, which made it difficult to narrow the list down to a few finalists. However, after deliberating among the the MyScorecard team, we select 4 finalists for the blog name. We’ve listed them below, and appreciate your feedback as to which name you like best.

The finalists, in alphabetical order:

  1. The “Hole” truth – suggested by Mark Thielen
  2. Beyond the Rough – suggested by Rick Cihak
  3. The Scratch Pad – suggested by Dayton House
  4. The Up & Down – suggested by Mike R and seconded by Fred N

How much does putting really matter?

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Drawing on our database of millions of scores, we are able to pose and answer questions that bring you interesting insights.

So we asked ourselves – how important is putting for your handicap? Some people think it’s quite important (how many of you own or have read Dave Pelz’s Putting Bible?). Others believe it makes no difference and don’t even bother hitting the practice green.

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