World’s Most Dangerous Golf Course

The golf course in Panmunjom, which lies in a demilitarized zone between North and South Korea is often called the most dangerous golf course in the world. It has earned the ‘dangerous’ monicker not for deep hazards or unplayable rough but because of the mine fields located on three sides of the course. As you first enter the course, you are welcomed by a sign that says “DANGER! DO NOT RETRIEVE BALLS FROM THE ROUGH – LIVE MINE FIELDS”.

Dangerous golf course

The golf course was constructed in 1972 for the service members of Camp Bonifas, the U.S military installation in Panmunjom and is not open for to outsiders. It is a lonely outpost (no theaters or restaurants) and the course provides a much needed recreation for the 50 U.S soldiers stationed here. It is a single hole course with a deadly par 3 measuring 192 yards – but it plays more like a 250 due to the vicious winds. With all strange facts put together, Panmunjom golf course surely deserves to be the “Most dangerous golf course in the World”

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