Angry golfer

“I will F%@#ing Sue you!!!”

What is it about golf that has me sooo thoroughly entertained by witnessing these train wreck-like situations on that beautiful, green, professionally manicured rug that breaks the will of very rich men just as much as I admire the magnificence and execution of the game when it’s played at its highest level?  I’ll probably never know…

In any regard, I found myself sinking into my couch at the way too late/way too early hour of the morning sipping on some Ginger Peach Turmeric tea (excellent flavor, btw…) and in a haze decided to look up ‘miserable golf shots’ which turned out to be one of the best half asleep decisions that I’ve made in quite awhile…or at least since the last time I decided to hit the snooze button at 11:43 a.m….which was a little over 5 months ago…Anyway…I digress.  A little distraction for the day never hurt anybody…  Enjoy!





“Oh, bullocks!!!”

My biggest take away is that European announcers are very subdued when it comes to the art of dissing golfers poor play and execution on a professional course.  The Detry/Pepperell sequence (‘3:50-‘5:00) was particularly tough to watch, but the play-by-play was so seamless and smooth the tragedies got built up in a awkwardly comfortable sequence.  The diplomatic nature of their telecast still drips with an  immense amount of shade and makes me feel like I’m watching golf highlights at Masterpiece Theater (Age exposure ref) 😉 …

Of course, here on the sunny side of the drink, there’s nothing like getting some good ol’ fashioned real-time emotional reactions of astonishment, bewilderment and sheer disbelief from Jim Nantz and co.  

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