Tee off towards the whites!

There may be many stunning golf courses throughout the world, but the Ice Golf course inĀ Uummannaq, Greenland stands a step ahead.

Uummannnaq, the coldest course in the world, is located 600 km north of the Arctic Circle and since 1997 has been the home to the World Ice Golf Championship.

The picturesque par-36 9-hole course (with your typical mix of five par 4s, two par 3s and two par 5s), is located between two glacial icebergs – the moving ice results in a constantly changing layout as weather conditions fluctuate. Excluding the backdrop of huge mountains of ice glistening in the sun, the game is similar to the traditional golf, although some of the rules have been adjusted to suite the prevailing cool condition. However, a few notable differences with your regular course include temperatures that fall below -50 degrees and the use of a fluorescent orange ball (as white balls are easily lost against the snowy backdrop).

With the Scenic beauty of snows and icebergs, Uummannaq is definitely an amazing place to play golf. But note that only golfers with a handicap of 36 or less are allowed to take part – so if you don’t have a handicap yet, sign up for MyScorecard and be prepared to play in the land of the midnight sun!

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