Your Golf Equipment Buying Guide, Part IV: Web Resources

Information is power, right? We’ll finish off our series on equipment-buying with a few web resources for the most die-hard wedge-heads among you. The links below represent my three favorite time-drains, ranked in descending order by hours squandered.

1. Frank Thomas – Equipment ExpertFrank Thomas
In this fantastic Q&A archive, equipment researcher and expert Frank Thomas takes questions from readers on everything from how temperature affects the performance of a golf ball to the pros and cons of wearing a golf glove. Warning: if you have even an ounce of equipment-junkie in you, watch yourself. Five minutes on this site will easily turn into three hours.

2. What’s in the Bag?
This is a feature on the Golf Channel site that gives us a peek inside the bags of the world’s best professionals. On the first page you’ll see photos of the winners from last week’s tour events. Do a “full back check” on one of these and you’ll be taken to an index of names that includes just about any professional you can think of, men and women alike. Want to know if Sergio plays a 5-wood or a 2-iron? Click on “Garcia” to get his specs. Want to make an Excel spreadsheet plotting golf ball brand against average driving distance using data from every player on tour? “What’s in the Bag?” will give you the ball brand played by each player. I’m just kidding! Who would actually take the time to make such a spreadsheet? Really. Come on. Really? I dare you to post your results below.

3. Golf Digest Hot List
Every year, a charmed panel of Golf Digest scientists, players, and judges gets paid to evaluate and rate the newest in golf equipment. Golf Digest publishes a yearly print issue with the results, and then they post a more comprehensive analysis on their website. Is the panel in the back pocket of the big brands who subsidize the magazine through ad revenue? Possibly, but this is still a great resource for anyone looking to get a quick read on the latest equipment buzz. After a few minutes on this site, you’ll begin to contemplate a career shift from [FILL IN YOUR JOB TITLE HERE] to “Golf Equipment Tester.”

Enjoy these resources, and please share below if you have a few favorite equipment sites of your own.

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