Nullarbor Links: The world’s longest golf course

Disclaimer – Do you get tired easily if you walk 18 holes? If yes, this post is not for you.

The Nullarbor Links golf course in Western Australia’s Golden Outback is long enough to wear out a new pair of shoes. This unique 18-hole, par 72 golf course stretches 848 miles and is undoubtedly the World’s longest golf course. Walking obviously isn’t an option here and neither are golf carts! Players need to bring their automobile and drive to the next hole since the average distance between holes are 66 kms (in fact two of the holes are 200 km apart).

The course, dreamed up over ‘a couple of beers’ and five years of effort was developed to enhance tourism along the highway, providing travelers with a most unusual added attraction. Each hole showcases a local attraction, including ancient fossil beds, a giant kangaroo statue, whale-watching and more. In addition camels, kangaroos and wombats give players the company but you will have watch out for the crows – they have a habit of stealing balls (around 200 balls had been lost so far). The course takes three to four days to complete and at the end each golfer is awarded with a certificate of completion. Playing the Nullarbor is a real test of determination and patience, but is also an experience you might never forget.

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