Where do you stand?

The USGA just published a breakdown of handicaps for all Male US golfers.

We thought it would be fun to compare against our own member base, and so published both in graphical format below:

Breakdown of All Mens U.S. Handicaps

The graph shows the % of golfers that fall within each handicap number on an average course.* For example, about 2.5% of all golfers are ~24 handicaps. On average, golfers than maintain handicaps fall within the 13-14 range.

So now you know what the say when someone asks you “What is the average handicap?”. But note that this information is only for golfers that maintain a handicap. Many more do not, and so the average score for all golfers is about 100 (which might correspond closer to a 25 handicap).

The blue bars on the graph represent the USGA information, while the red bars represent the breakdown of handicaps on MyScorecard. Pretty close! We were hoping to tell you that our members are significantly better than the overall distribution, but on the flip side it’s nice to see that golfers of every skill level enjoying MyScorecard.com

Any questions, let us know.

*For golfers that maintain handicaps. Indexes are rounded, since handicaps are expressed to one decimal place. Or you can consider it as the course handicap on an average course (with slope of 113).

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