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Welcome to Concept Golf with your coach, John Toepel, Jr.

John Toepel, Jr. The swing principles behind concept golf are brought to you by John Toepel, Jr. John has been a professional golf instructor for over 25 years, including five years on the PGA Tour. He's had several top ten finishes including the Australian Open, the Westchester Classic and the Tallahassee Open. During his PGA Tour years, he was paired with Jack Nicklaus, Gary Player and Tom Watson. But Toepel was a frustrated golfer, even as a PGA Tour player:

"I wanted a solid foundation for my swing and my game so I could count on them all the time. I wanted to know how to score low more often. I discovered how to have consistently good shots and low scores."

The Concept Golf principles are the answers.Combined with tracking your handicap at MyScorecard.com, these few principles can form the rock solid foundation for a dependable swing and lower scores for all golfers.

John is excited to be working with the members of the MyScorecard community: "Some of you may be frustrated by the game of golf. I was when I left the PGA Tour after competing for five years. I had questions and goals but there didn't seem to be any answers. The few principles of Concept Golf are the answers to my questions and frustrations. They are probably the answers to your frustrations as well. I am excited to share these ideas with you. It's what we have been searching for since we took up the game. I am honored to be your coach."

John's two books, Golf Can't be this Simple - The Swing, and Golf Can't be this Simple - Playing the Game and two DVDs explain the remarkable principles. In addition, John has written a series of exclusive articles for MyScorecard to help you understand the principles behind Concept Golf and improve your game. We hope you find them insightful.

Today, John and his family now reside in Wake Forest, NC where he devotes full time to his company, Concept Golf.
In Memoriam
We at MyScorecard are saddened to report John's passing on March 20, 2007. We first met John in 2005 at Wake Forest, where he introduced us to Concept Golf. Not only did he make our swing more consistent and vastly improve our game, he made our rounds and shots much more enjoyable.

John will be missed, but will continue to be with us through the principles of Concept Golf. We encourage you to read through the enclosed articles and watch your swing and the enjoyment of the game of golf improve immensely.

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