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Golf is Not a Game of Perfect

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Golf is Not a Game of Perfect by Dr. Bob Rotella

Recommended For:
Any player who is serious about improving their game - whether beginner or expert.

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Five stars

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The Book on the Mental Game of Golf

Half the folks at MyScorecard swear by Bob Rotella's first book. Golf is not a game of Perfect is the definitive book on the mental side of golf. Some advice you may have heard before (focus on the smallest possible target), others may be new (Avoid thinking of mechanics on the course - the best swing thought is no swing thought), but taken together this book has the potential to not only drastically improve your game, but to let you truly enjoy every shot and round. It's a must read for every golfer, whether you are just learning and want to get started on the right track, or if you are a single-handicapper looking to win an upcoming competition.

Excerpt from Tom Kite's Forward:

On the PGA Tour...the mental side is at least 90 percent of the margin between winners and losers. Percentages aside, no matter what a player's handicap, the scores will always be lower if the golfer thinks well. There have been untold thousands of instruction books written on golf. Most have chapters on the grip, the stance, posture, swing plane, alignment, and the rest of the game's mechanics. But given the mental side of the game's importance, far too little has been written on it...Accurate information on the mental side of the game is long overdue. Bob Rotella's book - this book - is it.

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