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Golf Etiquette: Who goes first?

For the new player, using your handicap can be a daunting and confusing task. In this section of the Knowledge Center, we try and explain some of 'the basics' to help get you started.

A big question often asked by new players is how do you choose the order of play on the first tee? Traditionally, the golfer with the lowest handicap is chosen to tee off first. But for most games, golfers tee off randomly, requiring some sort of draw.

An easy way to achieve such a draw is to throw a tee. All players stand in a circle and one tosses a tee into the center. Whoever the tee points to tees off first. Repeat the toss to establish the rest of the order.

Do you have advice that answers questions often asked by new players? Send us an email and we will post your advice on the Knowledge Center.

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