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Get a Handicap and Improve it!
Enter 5 scores and we'll calculate your handicap index. We'll also tell you your course handicap on any course you play, and what you need to shoot to lower your handicap.

You'll find no easier place to track your game.

If you want to track statistics we'll compare you to the average for your handicap and pinpoint areas you need to improve. With our tracking tools you can watch as your handicap goes down over time, and share your progress with friends via email and Facebook.
Make it USGA Authorized
Get your USGA Handicap Index by joining one of the hundreds of officially licensed clubs on our site - at no extra charge! Print out your USGA handicap card (or purchase a plastic one for a small one-time fee) and use it to play on courses or enter tournaments wherever a USGA handicap is required.

You can also create your own club - invite your friends or other MyScorecard members - and we'll do the legwork to get it licensed by the USGA to offer official handicap cards. USGA Handicap cards with your club logo - pretty neat stuff!
Stay Simple or Go Deep
Our Score tracking system meets your needs, no matter how sophisticated you wish to track. Stay simple, enter total scores, and calculate your handicap in 60 seconds. Or else go deep and track scores hole by hole, add notes, and have our system perform Equitable Stroke Control & calculate up to 30 statistics for you. In either case, we'll take care of tournament and 9-hole scores automatically.
Track Your Friends
Whether you are a group of 3 or a group of 300, MyScorecard becomes even more powerful when you use the service with friends. Form custom groups/clubs for just your friends or become the president you always wanted by opening your club to the broader community.

With MyScorecard you can keep track of each other's scores & handicaps, find out how many strokes to give on a course, get email updates on activity & personal bests, organize events, compete from different courses with virtual tournaments, track points/wages, easily manage clubs and leagues, and more!
Access From Anywhere
Whether on your iPhone or Android, your tablet, or your home computer, you can access your MyScorecard account wherever and whenever you like. Enter scores at the course or do some analysis while in bed, we have you covered.
Get Up & Running in 60 Seconds...
And We'll Even Give You an Award
Click the button below to register for a Free 30-day trial. Using our interface you can enter scores within seconds and start calculating your handicap right away. We'll even give you your first achievement badge when you get started.

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