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Each month we will try to bring to you straightforward examples of popular - and not so popular - games on the course; games that will make your rounds more challenging and fun to play. In this next installment of Game of the Month, we introduce a threesome game that requires a few props: 'Heads-Tails.'

Heads-Tails is a three person game where each player flips a coin at the beginning of every hole. Teams are formed based on the following combinations:
  • Three heads or three tails: Each player for themselves. The player with the lowest net score wins a point from each of the other two players. If two players tie for low score, there is 'no blood,' i.e. no points are won.
  • Two heads and one tail or vice versa: The lone tail (or head) plays against the other two players. If the lone player has the lowest net score on the hole, they win a point from each of the other two players. If either of the team members have the low net score, then the lone player must give each team member a point.
The following example illustrates the game:

Jack, Alex, and Andrew decide to play heads-tails. On the first tee each player flips a coin and all three coins land on heads. Thus, chacun pour soi and each players competes for himself. Jack has the low net score and wins a point from the other two players. After one hole Jack has 2 points, while Alex and Andrew each lose 1 point (for a total of -1 each).

On the second hole, each player flips again. This time Jack and Alex end up with heads, while Andrew's coin is tails. Jack and Alex team up to play against Andrew. Once again, Jack has the low net score and wins a point from Andrew. Even though Alex had the high net score, because he was on Jack's team, he wins a point from Andrew.

On the third hole, coins are once again flipped. This time Jack is the lone player against Alex and Andrew. Jack and Andrew tie for low net score on this hole, and no points are won or lost.

Heads-Tails Example

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