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Member Recommendation - The Kiss That Caused My Slice

Five Lessons Book Cover
The Kiss That Caused My Slice A Book of Golf Poems by John Ducker

Recommended by a fellow MyScorecard member:
A fellow MyScorecard member approached us with this selection of golf poems, suggesting it for golfers of all levels with a passion for the game. A great gift.

At Amazon.com: 5 customers give it
Five stars

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Book Description

The Kiss That Caused My Slice is a collection of golf poems that capture the joy, comedy, humanity, and magic of golf. These poems tell the stories of strange pairings, non-traditional gambling, and the great (and awful) shots. Whether to read off the course between rounds, or to share with friends at a golf outing, if you love golf, you will love this book.

From Brandt Jobe, PGA Tour Player

This is a golfer's perfect gift, with witty poems capturing the game, the swing, and the overall impressions one encounters on the course, as well as stunning images of beautiful golf courses around the world.

From Amazon.com

* A great golf book that captures the spirit of the game. I really enjoyed how the poems touched on the aspects of the game that I really appreciate and enjoy like the matches, swing challenges, bets, and friendships. I think it was the first time my wife actually also enjoyed anything I have purchased related to golf. She mentioned that many of the poems talk about many aspects of life through golf. Either way, I highly reccomend The Kiss That Caused My Slice. My personal favorite was Tempo and Balance which reminded me of a great golf trip with some good friends.

* This book is a delight to read, and you don't have to be a golfer. It would make a great gift for any golfer, or at the reasonable price a wonderful favor for participants in a golf outing, or as corporate gifts. As I was reading it, I kept wishing someone were with me to share it with.

* I thoroughly enjoyed Ducker's poetry. Ducker captures the aspects of golf that I love the most: friendship, competitiveness and timelessness. It's a great read. If you've ever basked in the glow of a late summer's light walking down a fairway knowing the ball you just pumped O.B. doesn't matter because your buddy's buying, you'll love this book.

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