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Missing Links

Missing Links Cover Cover
Missing Links by Rick Reilly

Recommended For:
The Caddyshack fan. This book is for golfers of all skill levels who go out to their 'muni' course to play and bet with their friends. Country club golfers may not relate well to this book.

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The hilarious and surprise bestselling golf novel of 1996, Missing Links is the story of four middle class buddies who are a regular foursome at the single worst golf course in America. Adjacent to these municipal links lies the Mayflower Country Club, the most exclusive private course in all of Boston. Soon there's a bet of $1,000 a piece--the first man to finagle his way onto the Mayflower takes all.

From Kirkus Reviews, May 1, 1996 (1996, Kirkus Associates, LP.)

From Sports Illustrated writer Reilly, easily the wittiest golf novel yet--the Bull Durham of the genre, and the closest thing to Caddyshack on paper we're likely to get.

The author, Rick Reilly (milesofriles@earthlink.net) , December 18, 1996
It's been such a kick to see how Missing Links has attracted a kind of cult following. We are in our sixth printing already in just six months and ABC-TV has commissioned a sitcom of it, which is scheduled to debut in the fall of 1997. I figure if they don't try to set the whole thing on a submarine, we're in business. The book is a valentine to every hack who plays with a loop in his backswing, a score counter on his belt and a Schlitz in his bag.

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