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Bobby Jones On Golf Cover
Bobby Jones on Golfby Robert Tyre Jones

Recommended For:
Every golfer. Reading this classic instructional is one of the ten things every golfer should do. Have you checked it off your list yet?

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Five stars

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Book Description

In ancient times, pilgrims undertook long journeys seek wisdom from the sages. Take your own journey with this classic instructional. Compiled from his syndicated semi-weekly columns from 1927-1935 and full of wisdom, Bobby Jones on Golf has been a must-read for over three decades.

From the section on Memorable Advice: ...Among the many wise things they observed about the game, two especially impressed me. "No matter what happens," Vardon once said, "keep on hitting the ball." In effect, this is what I remembered and tried to do when playing a tournament round...

From Amazon.com

By the best amateur golfer ever to play the game, this is essential instructional reading for the millions who have taken up golf during the 20 years this marvelous, timeless book has been out of print and unavailable.

From a Pleased Reader

In the old films, Bobby Jones made the game look easy. He does the same in this book. There are no mysteries or unknowables, just fundamentals that all good players must execute. The wisdom of the advice is so self-evident but, ah, the application remains difficult. For any who suggest that times have passed Mr. Jones by, remember that he hit 300 yard drives with hickory shafts and vastly inferior golf balls. The book is a gem with every page full of sound advice that will help any golfer.

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