Bring Handicaps to Your Members
Web Affiliates
  • Are you looking to make more money through your web site?
  • Are you looking to offer USGA handicaps to your members?
  • Do you want your own branded web site to track the members of your club, organization or tournament?
MyScorecard's affiliate programs create a win-win for you & your users, and are tailored to meet your needs.

Basic Affiliate Program

  • Place a customized link to MyScorecard on your Web Site.
  • Receive a 16% commission on registering users
    ($5.60 / 3-year membership purchase)
  • Manage & Track through our real-time dashboard
  • The more users that click & register, the more you earn.

Advanced Affiliate Programs

  • Co-branding / white labeling
  • APIs allow for seamless integration (e.g. single sign-on)
  • Retrieve information to display on your site
  • We work with you to ensure success
  • Minimum subscriber base required
For more information, email business@myscorecard.com
18 & 9-Hole Golf Courses
  • Do you want to drive more rounds on your course?
  • Would you like to cost-effectively offer USGA Handicaps?
  • Do you want to establish easy, ongoing communication with your players/members?
MyScorecard's Golf Course Partners Program creates a win for your golfers and revenue for you!

Golf Course Partners Program

  • Offer players USGA handicaps
  • Players can access all MyScorecard features
  • Enable ongoing Communication with all players
  • Data-based targeted marketing
  • We work with you to ensure success
  • Multiple branding options
By enabling ongoing contact with your players, offering them a handicap solution, and understanding where & when they play, you will be able to enhance your marketing and drive more rounds on your course.
MyScorecard’s web site makes for easy registration/access to our membership, and has saved our Club significantly. Our instructors use the Reports/Analysis feature to help identify areas where members need improvement, making booking additional lessons easy & warranted. I would recommend MyScorecard to any golf club looking for an easy & efficient way to reduce the amount of expenses attached to managing their members' handicaps and improve member understanding of their golf game. - Golf Course Partner
For more information and references, email business@myscorecard.com

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