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How big (or small) a golf group can I manage?

MyScorecard is designed to be useful for groups of 3 and for groups of hundreds. As you scale up, so do our tools to ensure you can manage your group.

Does Group Management Cost Extra?

NO - Pricing is per member and there is no additional cost for our club features and tools. If you have more than 10 members or if you have many that will not be accessing the system (i.e. you will be tracking on their behalf) check with us for group discounts & special pricing.

How can I make my Group "official"?

MyScorecard has established an efficient and painless system for making having your club licensed by the USGA to offer USGA Handicap Cards. We do all the work! Once your form your group, simply select Make My Club Official and we'll take care of most of the processing. With 2 steps for you to complete, becoming official is easier than ever!

Do you have the features I want?

Yes! From score tracking to club management to events to awards/achievement to member management and much more. If you think of a feature we don't have, let us know and we'll build it for you!