MyScorecard Affiliate Programs

  • Are you looking to offer an accurate and official golf handicap to your users?
  • Are you looking to make more money through your web site?
  • Do you want your own branded web site to track the members of your club, organization or tournament?

MyScorecard's affiliate programs are an easy way to create a win-win for you and your users. Our basic affiliate program takes 5 minutes to register, enabling you to 1) offer your members a USGA golf handicap and 2) start earning money right away. Our more advanced programs offer greater customization and tailoring for your users.

Basic Affiliate Program

In our basic affiliate program, we assign you an Affiliate ID and give you a customized link to the MyScorecard Web Site. We track any users who click through the link and give you a 16% commission on those users who register for our service (equal to $3.70 per golfer that signs up for a three year membership). The more users that click through and register, the more you earn. To sign up for our basic affiliate program, simply click on the button on the right, and fill out the request form. You will receive your link immediately.


Advanced Affiliate Programs

MyScorecard also has more advanced affiliate programs including co-branded programs for web sites looking to provide more customized solutions to their users. We will work with you to meet your needs in terms of look and feel as well as functionality offered to your members.

If you would like more information about our co-branding programs or other advanced programs, please contact us at Please note that there is a modest engineering fee in order to cover our up front costs of building your customized site.

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