Why MyScorecard

Because it's easy and the most user-friendly

MyScorecard is the simplest and fastest way to keep track of your golf handicap. We've minimized the page loads and the information you need to enter. After only a few clicks and keystrokes you'll be off and golfing.


Because MyScorecard has the features you want

From clubs to statistics, MyScorecard has it all. Want to calculate your (and even your friends') handicaps on the course you will be playing today? It's only one click away. Want to see how your handicap has trended over the last year? We have that too. Want to track matches between you and your friends over the course of the season? We've even got that one. From finding the score needed to lower your handicap, to great articles about the rules and the games people play, it's all right here.

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Because you will join an energetic and growing community

Everyone who joins MyScorecard makes us better. Come join the 100,000 members who make our community strong and vibrant! As we continue to grow, we will be adding more easy to use features that will help improve your game and enhance your fun on the course.

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Because we listen to you

Our goal is to make this site as useful and as much fun as possible for all of our users. Have a great idea for the site? Send it to us. We'll do our best to implement your suggestion.


Because with MyScorecard you'll learn and improve

By tracking your handicap on MyScorecard, you'll measure your potential. Each game you'll know the score you need to shoot to lower your handicap. Comparing your statistics to your handicap, you'll pinpoint your weakness and be able to focus to improve your game. You'll be able to track your handicap over time, and compare your improvement with friends. If you could drop 5 strokes off your game, wouldn't you want to do it?


Because your golf games will be more fun

When you and your friends obtain handicaps, you will become fairly matched and your games will become more competitive. MyScorecard lets you form clubs with your friends. Calculate everyone's course handicap at the touch of a button. Track points for each club member to keep seasonal matches going. You can even sign up to enter all of your friends scores from the same page! Plus, with our repository of articles on golf games, your matches will become more interesting and fun.


Because there's no risk to try it

We're so confident that you'll find MyScorecard to be a valuable part of your golf game that we'd like you to try it for free. Sign up now, we won't ask you for a credit card or any payment information. Play some golf and enter your rounds over the next few weeks - once you have a handicap, your golf game will never be the same!

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