USGA Handicaps

As a member of MyScorecard, you can get an USGA Handicap Index through the USGA's official handicap licensing program. You will then be able to print a USGA handicap card online and use it to enter tournaments and play on courses that require a USGA handicap.

Official Handicap Cards

How can we offer you an USGA Handicap?

The USGA has two "requirements" for a USGA Handicap Index to be offered:
  1. The first is the handicap calculation. The handicap you receive on MyScorecard is USGA compliant in all respects - we include all adjustments (such as properly adjusting for tournament scores and automatically combining 9-hole scores) that other site claiming to be authentic do not.

  2. The second requirement is what the USGA calls "group cohesion," and it means that you need to be part of a local group/club that is recognized by the USGA and conforms to its requirements. MyScorecard lets you join these clubs easily and at no extra charge - in fact, we also help you form them if you are interested in running your own USGA licensed club (for friends, other MyScorecard members, or both).
Map of Official Clubs MyScorecard has several hundred private and open USGA licensed clubs on its site. These clubs are listed in the USGA's authorized clubs database and are licensed to offer their members official handicap cards. Because you are required to live within ~50 miles of a USGA licensed club to be a member, we cannot offer USGA Handicap Indexes for every single location, but do have clubs in just about every major metropolitan area - a partial list of clubs is displayed on the map to the right.

New clubs are forming every day, so if you are unsure if we may have a club in your local area, please contact us and we can tell you right away. And even if there if is a club in your area, you're welcome to form one of your own with your friends or fellow MyScorecard members! It's easy and we step you through the process, taking care of most of the work.

International members please note that different countries have different programs and, depending upon your local rules, you may not be able to join a USGA licensed club and we may not be able to issue you an USGA handicap card.

Is there an additional cost to form or join and USGA Licensed club and obtain a USGA handicap? How long does it take?

No. The cost is included with your membership. You can form your own clubs and join as many clubs as you would like. USGA handicaps are updated 1-2 times per month on specific dates called revision dates. Assuming you have at least 5 scores before the most recent revision date, if you join a club in your area you should be able to print out your USGA handicap card immediately.

Forming a club takes a bit longer - while we take care of most of the heavy lifting, there are a few easy things required on your part. If you are proactive, we can get you licensed by the USGA in just a few weeks. Then your own club will be able to offer USGA handicap cards to its members.

How do I use my USGA handicap card to enter tournaments / play rounds?

If you are a member of a USGA licensed club on MyScorecard, then we automatically update your USGA handicap card each revision date. You can print out your USGA handicap card at any time to enter tournaments that require one. Tournament organizers can confirm your club's licensed status on the USGA web site, and can confirm your handicap index by pressing the Peer Review button on the main MyScorecard login page.

Can I get a plastic card in addition to a printed one?

In addition to your printable handicap cards, MyScorecard now enables USGA licensed clubs to offer USGA plastic handicap cards. These cards can be purchased for a small additional fee to cover printing, shipping and other costs. This slick wallet sized-card is as official as your printable card, but more durable. Each card comes printed with your personalized information on the front and labels for you to print and stick on the back each revision date. Use it to enter USGA tournaments or anywhere you need a USGA handicap index.

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